Micky Marie Morrison

  • Micky is a phys­i­cal ther­a­pist and an ICEA cer­ti­fied peri­na­tal fit­ness edu­ca­tor, and author of Baby Weight: The Com­plete Guide to Pre­na­tal and Post­par­tum Fit­ness. Micky designed a pre­na­tal and post­par­tum fit­ness plan for her clients, which she lat­er fea­tured in Baby Weight and devel­oped into a suc­cess­ful group class series, Core­Ma­ma.  With Baby Weight gain­ing recog­ni­tion, requests for class­es in dif­fer­ent geo­graph­ic areas or for an accom­pa­ny­ing DVD made Micky won­der how to share her vision, knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence with a larg­er pop­u­la­tion.  Micky rec­og­nized that many women are busy and find it dif­fi­cult to make it to sched­uled class­es, and that many oth­ers live in areas with­out access to pre­na­tal and post­par­tum fit­ness class­es.  With the vision of shar­ing the expe­ri­ence of safe and effec­tive fit­ness class­es with women all over the world, she brings you Baby­WeightTV.

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