Online Fitness Classes for Moms and Moms-to-Be

BabyWeightTV™ brings to you, wherever you are, a variety of fitness, health and wellness videos to help you get and stay fit during and after  pregnancy and beyond. No need to find a sitter or go to the gym, you can exercise right in your living room with BabyWeightTV™’s variety of fitness classes, each with a different focus and at different skill and fitness levels to help you meet your ever-changing needs on your time. Stretch out and tune into your body’s energy with the YogaMama classes. Connect with your core and fire up the muscles that need it the most in the CoreMama™ classes. Learn to turn your focus inward and release daily stress with the RelaxMama classes. And soon to come… several CardioMama classes are in production and will be released to BabyWeightTV™ in the coming weeks, adding a cardio component to your workout to maximize the benefits of exercise while boosting calories burned.

Check out the Health and Wellness videos for insight into pertinent topics for expectant and new moms.  Learn recipes, tips, tricks, secrets, and coping strategies from other mothers around the world. The popular and useful Soothing Mamas Woes series gives moms great tips from physical therapist and perinatal fitness expert Micky Marie Morrison on how to prevent and treat aches and pains common to expectant and new moms. Learn healthy lifestyle and green-living secrets from nutritionists and holistic health experts in the MamaCooks and EcoMama series.

We add a new video every week, so our large library of videos is continually expanding to bring you new classes and the latest information. Thrifty mamas will already know that you can enjoy all that BabyWeightTV™ has to offer for less than the cost of a single live fitness class or DVD, an unparalleled value.

So, now that you’re here, don’t wait another minute… Get moving, mama! The keys to your success are just a click away.

For the Childbearing Year and Beyond…

Prenatal classes teach expectant mothers safe and effective exercises for the various stages of pregnancy, isolating the muscles weakened most during pregnancy and counteracting the postural changes that often lead to common aches and pains. Postpartum fitness classes help you get your body back and recover quickly after baby comes, and many teach you to incorporate your baby into your workout for a different kind of quality time with your little one, encouraging bonding with your baby while doing something good for yourself. And the Post-postnatal classes really step it up a notch to keep raising the bar on your fitness goals as you grow stronger.

About the Levels

All the Prenatal, Postpartum, and Post-Posnatal fitness classes are specified for particular skill and activity levels.  We recommend that everyone start at the beginner level, so visit first the Fit Beginners section where you will find the Short Beginner Series classes. Try doing 2 or 3 of these classes in a row to be sure you are ready to move on to the longer Beginner level classes in the Prenatal and Postpartum sections.  You can proceed to the Intermediate and Advanced levels as strength and endurance increase. It’s important to listen to your body as it undergoes massive changes on a continuous basis in the prenatal and postpartum phases. You may work your way up to the advanced level classes and have to scale back to the intermediate or beginner levels very late in pregnancy. Certainly every new mom should begin again at the beginner level and work her way up to the longer and more difficult classes. You may be in a hurry to get back in to shape, but you can’t rush nature. Respect where you are today and progress naturally.

About the Instructors

Micky Marie Morrison

Micky is a physical therapist and an ICEA certified perinatal fitness educator, and author of Baby Weight: The Complete Guide to Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness. Micky designed a prenatal and postpartum fitness plan for her clients, which she later featured in Baby Weight and developed into a successful group class series, CoreMama.  With Baby Weight gaining recognition, requests for classes in different geographic areas or for an accompanying DVD made Micky wonder how to share her vision, knowledge and experience with a larger population.  Micky recognized that many women are busy and find it difficult to make it to scheduled classes, and that many others live in areas without access to prenatal and postpartum fitness classes.  With the vision of sharing the experience of safe and effective fitness classes with women all over the world, she brings you BabyWeightTV.

Salina Duncan

Salina Duncan is a mother of two children, an educator, and child advocate. She completed her Hatha Yoga Teacher Certificate at Charm City Yoga in Baltimore City, MD and the “Yoga for the Special Child” Basic Certification in 2009. In combination with her background in public health and education, she strives to bring the gift of yoga to the disadvantaged through affordable community classes and free classes for children. Salina currently lives in Antigua, Guatemala where she directs a small NGO, Las Manos de Christine, providing educational support to the children of Aldea El Hato.

Emma Sefton

Emma Sefton  is a yoga instructor who has been practicing for about 7 years. She says “For me yoga is the ultimate balance in both body and mind. Yoga has been so personally important to me that teaching is my way of spreading my joy and love for yoga with others.” Emma studied Sadhana Yoga and teaches both Hatha and Vinyasa yoga.

Lucy Ashman

Lucy Ashman is one of the original Baby Weight mamas, appearing in the Baby Weight book both in prenatal and postpartum states.  She is a certified holistic nutritionist and the founder of Isis Handcrafted Holistic Health, making her own all-natural luxurious personal care products and offering tailormade nutrition & fitness programs. With two young sons, Lucy has honed her pre and post natal nutritional knowledge and skills.  She is the resident nutritionist and green living expert on BabyWeightTV.